Floor Saw

A floor saw has multiple applications including – 

floor sawExpansion Cutting

The placing of new concrete slabs (garage, house, path, patio, etc) requires control joints to be cut within a few days of placing.  This prevents “natural cracking” as the concrete expands over time.  A floor saw is the number one choice when it comes to expansion cutting.


floor sawDecorative Cutting

A step up from expansion cutting, a number of customers are after a more artistic effect, especially when the concrete they have laid is on public display.  Decorative cutting usually involves a wider cut and allows for artistic patterns at the customer’s discretion. A floor saw is the number one choice when it comes to decorative cutting.

floor sawCutting for Demolition

Often a project will call for the removal of a large area of concrete.  We offer a range of deep cutting floor saw solutions to make that possible.  



floor sawTrenching

Similar to cutting for demolition, this controlled approach to removal often requires deep cutting over a large area.  Can we do that?  Yes, we can!  Trenching with a floor saw is an ideal match.

floor sawLooping

Responding to advances in technology, customers often require wide cuts for the laying of a loop for the installation of a controlled gate that responds to pressure from vehicles in an area of concrete.