Demolition Cutting

Sometimes, before a new building can begin construction, the old building(s) need to go.  That’s where Sharp Concrete Cutters and Drillers demolition cutting service is best employed.

See photos below for a sample of demolition cutting projects that Sharp Concrete Cutters and Drillers has been involved with.

Demolition Cutting

demolition cuttingdemolition cuttingdemolition cutting














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Have you got a project somewhere in Auckland that requires concrete cutting and drilling services?

We are an Auckland based company offering services nationwide contact us today.

got a projectDoes your project require concrete cutting and removal?

We provide a complete concrete cutting and removal service using cutting-edge equipment and only the best diamond blades.

Do you need holes drilled? got a project

We provide a complete concrete drilling service from 12mm to 500mm in diameter.  We drill to any depth required.

Is your project inside?

Our equipment runs on a variety of power sources including single and three phase, and hydraulic, to prevent fumes.

Do you need slurry control?

We provide a complete slurry control service.  Our operators carry industrial wet vacuums and slurry tanks.  We also have a dedicated slurry truck, capable of removing 2500 litres of slurry.  It also holds 1000 of water and has a high-pressure water blasting unit.

Are you a leading project manager or construction company?

We partner with some of New Zealand’s leading project managers and construction companies providing concrete cutting and drilling services nationwide.

Are you looking for a professional concrete cutting and drilling service committed to high standards of health and safety?

We partner with leading health and safety organisations, Site Safe, Safety n Action, and HazardCo to ensure all work is carried with health and safety as the number one priority. 

We are also members of the national concrete sawing and drilling associations.

got a project
got a project
Site Safe